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Training and Capacity Building

Develop a Talented Workforce

To help today’s workforce build the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in our interconnected world, AMIABLE brings the classroom to the workplace. Partnering with local businesses, global corporations and government donors, AMIABLE implements professional development and training programs that improve lives, strengthen communities and promote economic and social development. AMIABLE designs and manages a wide variety of scholarship and professional training programs to help multinational corporations advance their business goals, develop leaders and increase access to higher education.

Maritime labour relations

Maritime Labour Relations involves keeping open all channels of communication and dialogue for dispute resolution among the various stakeholders of the maritime industry, including ship owners, port authorities, crewing agencies, seamen’s unions, regulatory bodies, etc. The International Labour Organisation’s Maritime Labour Convention 2008 recognizes the right of maritime workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining as fundamental rights. It also lays down minimum standards for proper health and safety protection, entitlement to minimum pay and national obligations towards the inspection of vessels.